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Have You Got A Hot Body In All The Wrong Ways? 7 Signs of Inflammation + What To Do About It

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We all want a hot body, right?

We want rock-hard abs; a beach-volleyball player’s butt; energy to dance all night and still get up the next morning.

But what’s going on under the surface?

Could your internal fire be the reason you’re not looking or feeling as hot as you’d like?
This internal heat is known as inflammation and one way or another it will get your attention.

Inflammation is kinda like your body’s pet puppy:
When your puppy is happy and well trained, it will behave and only bark at the door to alert you to a possible danger.
But if you neglect your puppy and let the local ginger tom into the house, cutesy turns into crazy-commando-dog and will destroy all in its path in its quest to catch the cat!

Let’s take a look at our two puppies in turn:

Happy Puppy is inflammation that knows exactly what its role is. You trip over in the snow and sprain your ankle and inflammation reacts by swelling up the area to protect it and alert your body’s healing mechanisms that they have work to do.

Neglected Puppy gets fed all kinds of junk each day, doesn’t get walked or cleaned, which eventually makes it cranky and confused until it bites us to get our attention!

Chronic Inflammation is your body’s neglected puppy – if peeing on the couch doesn’t work, it will bite to get your attention! [Click To Tweet]

Our modern lifestyles mean we constantly bombard our bodies with things that trigger inflammation responses. Eventually this chronic inflammation in our body will bite to get our attention. But sometimes we don’t even realise what’s biting us.

If you have any of the following conditions, you have a hot bod in all the wrong ways, and it’s trying to get your attention:

  • Overweight/excess belly fat
  • Stomach problems – IBS, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, gas, etc
  • Unexplained Fatigue and/or Brain Fog – inc. PVFS, CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, etc
  • High cholesterol/High blood pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes/pre-diabetes
  • Skin problems – eczma, psoriasis, acne, etc
  • Chronic pain – joint pains, regular headaches, migraines, etc

And beware, because if you don’t pay attention now, your body will bark louder and bite harder.

So, if you’ve figured out that your body is barking at you, I guess you’re wondering what happened to make your bod all hot and bothered. There are many causes of inflammation, and modern living means most of us will probably tick more than one of these boxes:

  • Poor diet—too much sugar, processed food, trans fats, etc
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress
  • Hidden allergens such as gluten or dairy
  • Hidden infections with viruses, bacteria, yeast, or parasites
  • Toxins such as mercury or pesticides
  • Molds—mycotoxins, black mold, etc

If you think that your body has a slightly crazy inflammation puppy running around it, and you have an idea of what turned the cutesy into commando, what do you do?
Do you need to call the Body Dog Whisperer?

The really simple solution to getting rid of chronic inflammation is:

  1. Treat any underlying infections (with care)
  2. Take out the stuff that’s causing inflammation
  3. Put in stuff that reduces and heals inflammation

Here’s How:

  1. Deal with infections
    While your first port of call will most likely be your doctor, be mindful that tests for infections, toxins or food allergies are often not top of the list of offerings. You may need to go equipped with your own research and a clear picture of what you want.
  2. Take out the bad, put in the good
    Many of us get stuck on this part… what is good and what is bad??? They may not be what you first think!
    This Infographic can help you make healthy choices. Pin it to your board, put it in your purse or stick it on your fridge to remind you to make healthier decisions…

You will see that some of the causes on the list are lifestyle choices. These are often the most difficult changes to make. Working with a professional such as a health coach, to create and implement lifestyle changes can really keep you on track and make sustainable improvements. 

Contact Me if you would like to arrange a no-obligation Health Breakthrough Session (It’s Free)

If you have a problem, please take this advice and deal with it NOW. I work with clients at various points on the inflammation scale, from fatigue problems to medicated diabetes. Believe me, it is much easier for my clients to reverse health problems lower down on the scale!

If you are popping antacids or painkillers on a regular basis, having trouble sustaining energy for your normal life or looking in the mirror wondering where that belly fat came from, you are at the perfect time to take positive steps to reduce your inflammation and recover health before it turns into something more serious.

Comment Below and tell me what part of your body you think may be barking to get your attention.
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