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All My Juice Pulp Recipes for FREE! And a Special Christmas Bonus


It’s here at last!

My book Don’t Toss the Juicer Pulp is now available to download on Kindle at Amazon, and for 3 days only you can download it for FREE!

If you’ve been following my videos, you will have had a sneak peek into some of the recipes from the book.

So, if you’ve been inspired by these to use your juicer pulp, you will love the recipes I have created for the book.

All you need to do is go to your Amazon page for your country and search for ‘Don’t Toss the Juicer Pulp’.
It is free to download from 20th to 22nd December, so please get there quickly and get your copy!
Share with your family, friends and on social media so that everyone can take advantage of this Free Download period!
There are links to the major Amazon stores below.

As a special thank you for all the encouragement I have received about my recipes and the book, I have created a special bonus set of recipes that will be especially helpful in this festive season.
These recipes are available as part of a special bonus download called Festive Food Hacks, created to help you survive the holidays with your health intact – you can sign up below to receive this.

I’m also addressing the dilemma of how to keep juicing during the colder months, for those of you (like me!) who are in the midst of winter and finding juicing at its most challenging.

If you have a juicer, and especially if it’s gathering dust since the temperature dropped (if you’re in the southern hemisphere feel free to ignore this!), this juice recipe will at least help your juicing taste buds get into the Christmas spirit. Instead of tropical sunshine, this recipe imparts feelings of a deeper sweetness, with cinnamon and ginger bringing spicy warmth and blood sugar regulation.

And you should know by now…. don’t toss that leftover pulp! We have a very festive plan for that in the next food hack, available in the free download book below…

Winter Warming Juice

winter warming juice

Winter Warming Juice

One of the highlights of the cold months for me is the arrival of persimmons on the grocery shelves.

Tasting like the exotic love child of a mango and a nectarine, these super sweet-tasting  fruits contain worthy levels of vitamins A and C to ward of winter chills, along with B-Complex vitamins, and minerals.
They also have a healthy fibre content, which we’ll be using in the in a further food hack.

This juice will not only help to control those pesky festive sugar cravings with its natural, grounding sweetness, drinking juices laden with raw enzymes will help your body digest any heavy Christmas foods you simply can’t resist!


1 Sweet potato – peeled
1 Large orange – rind and pith peeled off, cut in half widthways and remove any pips
1 Persimmon – peeled (you can substitute with nectarine or other stone fruit if you can’t source persimmon)
1 Pear – top and tailed, quartered and any pips cut out
1 Large Carrot – top and tailed
2 inches of ginger – skin peeled off
Pinch of ground cinnamon

Juice all ingredients, pour into a glass, stir in the cinnamon and drink!

You can find out what to do with the pulp from this juice in the free download that accompanies my book. So sign up below and learn how to create these deliciously Christmassy desserts for yourself (Psst… that ‘cream’ you see isn’t what you think it is… and it’s unbelievably delicious, dairy free AND healthy… you’ll love me for this discovery alone ;-) )

Three ways to use your juicer pulp (and no one will ever guess ;-)

Three ways to use your juicer pulp (and no one will ever guess ;-)

Be sure to download your free copy of my Book at Amazon, as this bonus package includes resources for the book too.

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